The YouMeCare Manifesto

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For the millions of people like you and me who wish there was an easier way to find reliable in-home caregivers, YouMeCare is a digital marketplace that allows seniors to connect with happy motivated caregivers in their community.

Unlike assisted living facilities, homecare agencies, nursing homes, or platforms like that perpetuate a disengaged workforce with low-pay and lack of respect, YouMeCare provides a flexible gig-based community that allows caregivers to earn 60% more than market doing what they love. Training, next day pay, and flexible scheduling makes YouMeCare the best place to find happy motivated caregivers.

Where it started

Alexander Moore founded YouMeCare in 2020 after his family struggled to find help for his grandmother. She was 95 and living alone and started to need more help with daily care. But as they began to research their options nothing seemed good enough. She wanted to stay at home, but when they looked at local agencies they found burned out disengaged caregivers, outdated business practices, and pricing was always hidden behind a lengthy involved sales process. There had to be a better way to get compassionate people to support seniors as they age in place. After doing research and finding out that there were millions of people going through the same trouble, Alexander was inspired to create a truly differentiated experience for families.

What we stand for

At YouMeCare we believe that caring for others is one of the qualities that makes us human. We also believe that caregiving is an art. The problem is there aren’t enough people in the community doing this work to keep up with the demand.

That’s why we are building a coalition of the best caregivers. We support those who can’t help but put others first; people who get great joy out of helping others. These are people who know that providing good quality care isn’t in the tasks you do, but in the connections that you build with those you care for.

YouMeCare Pros have heart

Since Caregivers are the core of our business, we see it as our job to take care of our caregivers.  By doing this we can provide something truly different from other companies, an experience. Our Caregivers have the freedom and flexibility to bring their unique personalities to the table. They can focus all their energy on the people they care for.

We are not an agency

In traditional home-care agencies caregivers are undervalued. They receive a small fraction of what the customer pays for the service. Shifts are long. Drive times are even longer and pay comes too slowly. Quality caregivers get burned out because they are asked to cover shifts and fill in for the shortage of other good quality caregivers. The result is an undervalued, burnt out, and disengaged workforce.

We value caregivers

Caregivers are the center of what we do. We attract the best local caregivers and match them with people in the community who need care. We are a local solution that allows people in the community to help others and make good money doing it.

Caregivers earn 50-60% higher hourly wages than traditional agencies offer while maintaining a very competitive cost to the client. Caregivers choose when and where they want to work. Payments are instant and can be scheduled through the app to be available the next business day. Work on a Tuesday, get paid on Wednesday.

In addition to these benefits, when a Caregiver joins the YouMeCare family they are joining an active community. Our weekly Caregiver Connect calls allow caregivers to get to know one another, share stories and best practices. Our Caregiver Council helps us gather valuable feedback about how our software and processes work. We even attend community events to simply just be together – to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

We support families

We know that navigating the process of getting older can be tricky and fraught with emotion. It's tough for seniors and it is tough for families. Issues like accepting support, complex family dynamics, and not understanding all the options can bring people to the breaking point. We are here to help. YouMeCare is ideal for seniors and their families who want to age gracefully at home. We make it easy. First we have a 30 min online consultation with a YouMeCare Aging in Place Specialist to build a detailed profile. Then we use our algorithm to match not only proximity, availability, specialization but also psychosocial characteristics. From there we help set up interviews. Finally they connect with their caregiver and use our tools to manage the day to day

Join the YouMeCare family

There are a lot of people out there who need help, and together we are bringing the healing power of personal connection into every home we visit.

If you know someone who deserves an exceptional caregiver, let’s get started.

If you or someone you know is an exceptional caregiver who deserves a better way to work, learn more! We look forward to supporting you!