Why YouMeCare? How YouMeCare Supports Your Private Caregiving Efforts

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At YouMeCare, we're more than just a platform; we're a community built on trust, respect, and mutual benefit. We understand the caregiving profession's complexities and are dedicated to providing you with not just work, but a supportive environment where you can build sustainable relationships with your clients. In our journey together, you might encounter situations where a client might propose that you work for them outside of the YouMeCare platform. 

While considering your options, it's essential to recognize that, in many ways, you already enjoy a direct working relationship with your clients through YouMeCare. From the moment we match you with a client, the relationship you build, the schedule you manage, and the personalized care you provide are all facets of your professional autonomy. You attend to your client’s needs, support them in their daily lives, and communicate directly about day-to-day requirements. This level of personal engagement and direct communication is what makes the care you provide through YouMeCare so special.

So what should you do if approached to ditch YouMeCare and work directly with a client?

Understanding the Offer

When approached with an offer to provide caregiving services outside YouMeCare, it's essential to consider the ramifications of this decision. While it might seem appealing initially, bypassing the platform can lead to potential challenges, including:

  • Lack of Protection: Our platform ensures both caregivers and clients are protected through policies and insurance. Working independently might expose you to unforeseen risks.
  • Missed Opportunities: YouMeCare provides a steady stream of opportunities to expand your clientele to a level that you control. Working outside the platform could limit these opportunities.
  • Support and Resources: We offer various resources, from scheduling tools to 1099 processing, designed to make your job easier and more efficient.

Why Stay With YouMeCare?

  • Daily Payments: We understand the importance of consistent income, which is why we offer daily payments for your efforts.
  • Higher Than Average Hourly Rates: Our platform negotiates competitive rates for your invaluable services, often above the industry standard.
  • Scheduling Tools: Manage multiple clients seamlessly with our scheduling tools, designed to keep your work life organized and stress-free.
  • Tax Assistance: Come tax season, we've got your back. We provide 1099 forms digitally, simplifying the tax process for you.
  • A Community That Cares: Beyond the tangible benefits, YouMeCare offers a community of professionals who support and uplift each other.

What do I do If I am asked to offer my services outside the YouMeCare Platform?

  • Politely Decline: Politely decline the offer and explain the benefits of continuing to work through YouMeCare—for both you and the client.
  • Encourage your Client to Contact Us: We know that the cost of providing high quality caregiving services in the home is expensive. We also understand that circumstances change. That is why we are happy to discuss pricing options with your client to better meet their needs, so please encourage them to reach out to us. 
  • Contact us at YouMeCare: Confidentially report the solicitation to us. We’re here to support you and ensure our community remains safe and professional.
  • Focus on the Long Term: Remember, your long-term success and security are our top priorities. Staying within YouMeCare opens doors to more opportunities and benefits.

What if I Decide to take on a Client privately outside the YouMeCare Platform

If you are considering going privately with a client you met through YouMeCare, now is a good time to review the YouMeCare Terms & Conditions you agreed to when you on-boarded onto the YouMeCare Platform. A summary the ramifications of taking on a private client outside the YouMeCare platform commonly referred to a “client poaching” is below:

  • Termination and Lifetime ban from the YouMeCare platform. Any other clients you may have been working with on our platform will be matched with an alternative caregiver. Additionally, any caregiver reviews you’ve collected through your work as well as your caregiver profile will be removed from our website. 
  • Forfeiture of Fees. Any pay owed to you through YouMeCare at the time of the breach will be forfeited by you
  • Penalty Fee: You will be charged a fee that is equal to 35% of the total monthly fees your client pays to YouMeCare to compensate us for the the investment we placed in you upfront – paying for your background check, paying for your access to the scheduling tool and paying for  developing marketing materials on our website to support your growth. 

Looking Ahead

We're here not only to connect you with clients but to support your career growth, financial stability, and personal development. If you're ever in doubt or facing challenges, remember, we're just a message away. Together, we can ensure a prosperous and secure future for every member of the YouMeCare team.