How to get clients quickly as a YouMeCaregiver

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How to get clients quickly as a YouMeCaregiver

The job outlook for professional caregivers is growing much faster than average. If you are a YouMeCaregiver you have an even bigger leg up because you make 60% more than the average caregiver, work when, where and with whom you want, and best of all you get paid as you work with daily pay. Now that you have a profile published on Our Caregiver's Page it's time to build your clientele. The following article will help you get off to a fast start. If you don't have a profile published yet or want to apply to be a YouMeCaregiver click here.

Sign Up

If you have a caring heart and experience taking care of others either formally or informally, sign up to be a caregiver on our platform. We will review your submission and have you create an online profile. We will use your location, availability, training, and background to match you with people in need of care. YouMeCaregivers enjoy 60% higher rates, flexible scheduling, and next day pay. If you have already signed up and completed your profile, keep reading.

Get reviews

If you are just getting started on our platform the most important first step is to get a few reviews. It helps potential clients build trust by finding assessing how others have enjoyed their experiences with you. Send your profile to former clients or employers and have them submit a review. We will verify every review and then publish them to your page. This will increase your visibility and help you land that perfect client quickly.

Share your profile on social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta, or TikTok we don't discriminate. Whichever platform you think is best to talk about what you do is fine by us. the important thing is that you take a minute to promote yourself and be proud of the difference you are making. By linking to your Caregiver Profile you're driving potential clients or referral sources directly to your booking page. Don't be shy. If you want some inspiration text us and we can help you put a post together.

Ask your network for referrals

Letting people know you are looking for new clients is very important, your current and former clients have friends and family. We want word to get out that you are a fantastic caregiver, so ask people to share. Tell them to go to your profile to book services with you or send them to the website As long as they have your name we will make sure they get booked with you.

Follow Us

In addition to your self promotion. We will promote you as well. We use LinkedIn and Facebook to promote your services in your community. Follow us on social and like comment and share whenever we post! We route  new clients to caregivers based on location, availability, training, and personality. If you ever have any questions about how to build your clientele feel free to text us on the caregiver help line.