Zenia Gillespie

St. Augustine
COVID Vaccinated
I love to paint, read and do puzzles. I like music and games. I'm all about sports and movies. I'm a neat freak so I am completely okay with helping clean or do laundry. I'm a great driver and I can take people to doctors appointments or concerts, football games and the beach! I'm a great listener and I appreciate advice and I try to give my best advice. I believe my life was meant to do something bigger than me. I'm sweet, smart and funny. I'm here to help.
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Why are you a caregiver?

I want to change my life and others. I want to make everyday a great day for everyone around me. I am a happy, energetic person with lots to give. I love to take care of people and that is what life is about, relationships and love.


My husband had stage 4 colon cancer at 30 years old. I was only 28 but I learned a lot. I took him to all of his chemo treatments and surgeries. Doctors appointments can be overwhelming for someone who is sick so I took it on myself to make it as easy as possible. I would drive and filled out paperwork and took care of medications and injections. 7 years later' It was a very difficult time but I learned so much about myself and life. I want to help make the day to day easy with a smile.

Special Experience

Cancer Patients


Personal Caregiver, CNA


Painting and Photography. I love to read and read to people. I like to do silly voices and funny faces.

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