Teresa TrueMattson

COVID Vaccinated
I love Life ! I think every day is a tremendous blessing and a gift to be opened . I find joy in the small things ; sunlight on my face , the texture of warm sand beneath my feet , the simple joy of watching nature as she goes about the daily tasks of living . I love to putter in the garden , read a good book , watch a good movie with family & friends , travel off the beaten path , hike ,camp and explore the world. My goal as a caregiver is to provide the best possible care for my clients that enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations.
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Why are you a caregiver?

Because I believe that quality of life matters . My goal as a professional caregiver is to help my clients Live Their Best Life. Whatever that means to them. I gain satisfaction from helping people lead happy lives .


I�ve got 15 years experience in round the clock care-giving in all of the A.D.L.s . My background includes working with people who have Brain Injury , Dementia , Mental Illness , heart conditions , Insulin Dependent Diabetes ,Visual impairment and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Responsible , home health care worker with excellent communication skills and over a decades experience providing exceptional in home Support for individuals with a wide range of illnesses , disabilities and other challenges .

Special Experience

Companion Care, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Lifting/Hoyer Lift, Autism, Developmental disability, Medication administration, Crew leader, Diabetes management injections


Home Health Aide, CPR/First Aid, I and a native Floridian who just moved back to the state after 12 years in Oregon I was registered in Oregon as a home healthcare worker and a personal support worker for several years. I will see recertify here in Florida.


Gardening , working with exotic animals , vegan cooking

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