Porsha Beyde

COVID Vaccinated
Hi! I'm Porsha! I love turtles! I'm an introvert and I embrace it! I prefer quality over quantity. I pride myself on getting to truly know and understand the people that are placed in my life.
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Why are you a caregiver?

It is a law of nature that we all give to live, and in return so much life and joy is given in return!


I have a passion for volunteer work and have spent over a decade in service to those around me and have travelled across the country as well as internationally helping those in need in various ways. I'm always happy to share the amazing stories and lessons I've gathered along the way!

Special Experience



CPR/First Aid


I love to read(let's talk about our favorite books and what we've learned!) I love puzzles and painting, classical music and hymns(I'm a beginner harp student) gardening, cooking and baking! And I love to learn about new hobbies from friends!

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