Bodil Haheim

COVID Vaccinated
I am an optimistic and caring woman. I love to sing and play guitar. I also like to be active and exercise. I live with my cat. Her name is Marge and she has trained me well, and is considered the queen of the household.
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Why are you a caregiver?

I love people. I like to uplift your spirit and make your life easier.


I have experience with caring for people with physical and mental disabilities. I would support them in their apartment. I would make sure they had clean environment, good personal hygiene and good food. I also have experience working in a psychiatric facility where I would be more of a companion for them, taking them out for car rides or walks on the beach and play board games and table tennis. Different types of activities.

Special Experience

Companion Care, Autism, Developmental disability, Medication administration


CPR/First Aid


I sing and play guitar and various instruments. I create music and art/paintings. Someone told me that I have a talent for listening and making them feel special.

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